Our innovative products can be used in many different ways - for example in laboratories or for jewellery casting:

Engineering Ceramics

The manifold properties of ceramic products create an immense spectrum of possible applications. Ceramic components can now be found in almost all economic sectors. Every day, researchers discover new possibilities of application.

GTS is specialised in the field of wear technology. Our standard range includes compact parts for mechanical engineering or filigree precision parts for medical technology as well as special designs for electronics.

For the production of prototypes, we have developed a ceramic material that can be machined with normal HSS tools. The subsequent sinter firing compresses the material to a hardness that is so high that the parts can only be further processed with diamond tools. This product is used by many companies, which develop prototypes in their development department until large series are ready for production.

We produce highly wear-resistant ceramic coatings on steel, lasered components made of various ceramics and precision-machined moulded parts according to our customers' specifications as single pieces or in large series.

Our technical service is also available to you concerning these issues at any time, and will be pleased to advise you.

Products from the category Engineering Ceramics

Medical Technology Industries

In the field of medical technology, GTS is considered an important supplier of high-quality products. Since implant technology is constantly developing, new demands are constantly being made on us. As a result, the melting pot range has been further expanded.

Today we can offer isostatically pressed and cast crucibles in many sizes and qualities. The use of our products in medical technology will remain a challenge for us in the future, which we are taking up through targeted further development and cooperation with important research centres.

GTS benefits from cooperation with over 50 universities and institutes. We participate in research projects the results of which will be valid standards in medical technology in the future. Among other things, we are working on an artificial bone replacement in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute Dresden. Our development programme also includes the melting and casting of pure titanium. In our laboratory, we test dental crucibles and annealing dishes daily for their suitability and continue to develop them further. Melting crucibles for large-sized implants, such as hip joints and support rails, are tested under operating conditions by a friendly company.

Products from the category Medical Technology Industries

Jewellery Casting

Jewellery castings are generally produced using the lost wax process, as in the medical and investment casting technique. This technique was already applied in ancient times to the production of filigree works of art. Today, this process is still valid and is even used successfully in mass production.

Many melting plant manufacturers take advantage of our many years of experience, and have GTS manufacture the melting pots for their plants.

Furthermore, GTS has developed high-quality crucibles in close cooperation with the jewellery industry, which are particularly suitable for melting platinum. The special quality of these crucibles guarantees a long service life in terms of reusability. This ensures economical use, so that these crucibles are in demand worldwide. Our annealing dishes and crucibles made of aluminium oxide are used for refining natural rubies.

Products from the category Jewellery Casting

Laboratory Technology

Extensive stock keeping guarantees fast access to products for laboratory requirements. Our production will always strive to meet your needs at short notice. Today, it is no longer sufficient to provide crucibles, boats and annealing dishes made of aluminium oxide, magnesium oxide, zirconium oxide, zirconium silicate, quartz or mullite. Therefore, the demands on our products have increased many times over in recent years. The demand for mixed oxides with specific chemical and physical properties has steadily increased. Today, GTS develops customer-related, highly differentiated products up to production maturity, which then flow into production with customer protection.

It is not always possible to change the material quality. Instead, inexpensive special formats can help to solve this problem. Complicated special requests are often required for the design of the products, which then lead to the solution with the help of other technologies. A short-term production is also guaranteed here.

It is important to us to give our customers targeted advice. We see this as a necessary prerequisite for successfully placing our products on the world market. These efforts have made GTS the market leader.

Products from the category Laboratory Technology

Investment Casting

The lost wax process is a very old technology, which makes it possible to produce complicated individual parts or even large series. Often the castings do not need to be reworked due to the high precision used. The industry has developed many casting machines for very special applications. Whether die casting, centrifugal casting, vacuum casting or continuous casting with or without inert gas flushing, melting pots are needed everywhere.

Due to the different melting behaviour of metals and their alloys, the level of the melting temperature and the chemical reaction behaviour, the variety of melting crucibles increases dramatically. Isostatically pressed crucibles are used up to a melting temperature of 2400°C. Cast crucibles are required for the production of turbochargers, impellers, turbine blades and other precision parts.

The range of possible applications is endless. GTS complements this range with a variety of auxiliary objects such as dosing plungers, casting cores, nozzle inserts and casting containers.