Crucibles Conical squat shape ( CCB )

Crucibles Conical squat shape ( CCB )

quartz with silicon nitride ( Q95F )

approx.- 95% quartz

Outer diameter
top (mm)
Outer diameter
bottom (mm)
Height (mm)Wall
Vol (ml) Lid
CCB-0030-AC 36 24 29 2 10
CCB-0035-AC 42 27 32 2 19
CCB-0040-AC 49 31 36 2 40
CCB-0045-AC 53 34 33 2 43
CCB-0050-AC 59 39 44 3 62
CCB-0060-AC 87 46 51 3 130
CCB-0070-AC 83 55 59 3 171
CCB-0120-AC 143 93 100 4 883

All data given are to be regarded as guide values.
For all crucibles there are suitable lids or cover plates. Talk to us about this.

info about Quartz crucibles with silicon nitride bonding

Q95F is the further development of a quartz compound with silicon nitride. This quality is particularly used in medical technology. During the melting process, there is virtually no material exchange between the molten metal and the crucible material due to the lotus effect.

During the inductive melting of platinum, temperatures of over 1900°C can be reached for a short time, which is mastered by Q95F.

Q95F crucibles have proven to be particularly suitable. GTS has been manufacturing products from pure quartz and quartz compounds for years.

An extensive database enables us to provide good customer advice on the optimum use of ceramic products.

Special features:

  • low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • very high thermal shock resistance
  • high corrosion resistance against many molten metals
  • high corrosion resistance in contact with many other chemical substances other chemical products