Melting pots Conical squat shape ( CCB )

Melting pots Conical squat shape ( CCB )

quartz ( Q100 )

approx.- 99% quartz

Outer diameter
top (mm)
Outer diameter
bottom (mm)
Height (mm)Wall
Vol (ml) Lid
CCB-0030-AC 36 24 29 2 10
CCB-0035-AC 42 27 32 2 19
CCB-0040-AC 49 31 36 2 40
CCB-0045-AC 53 34 33 2 43
CCB-0050-AC 59 39 44 3 62
CCB-0060-AC 87 46 51 3 130
CCB-0070-AC 83 55 59 3 171
CCB-0120-AC 143 93 100 4 883

All data given are to be regarded as guide values.
For all crucibles there are suitable lids or cover plates. Talk to us about this.

info about Quartz crucibles

Q100 consists of sintered high-purity quartz. Quartz is the second most common mineral in the earth's crust. Its chemical formula is SiO2.

Quartz and quartz compounds are an important raw material in ceramics for the manufacture of products such as crucibles, annealing dishes, tubes, plates and other moldings.

Their good properties are reflected in a wide range of applications. The extremely high thermal shock resistance (TWB) allows the use of quartz crucibles in induction melting plants. The resistance to many molten metals and other chemical materials is used for the production of annealing shells, launders and furnace components.

GTS has been manufacturing products from pure quartz and quartz compounds for many years. An extensive database enables us to provide good customer advice for the optimum use of ceramic products.

Special properties:

  • low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • very high thermal shock resistance
  • high corrosion resistance against many Metal melting
  • high corrosion resistance in contact with many other chem. products