Thermal shock through glazing

Ther­mal shock through glaz­ing

If a quartz crucible vitri­fies, it is amor­phous and temper­a­ture-sensi­tive.
Mechanical destruction through thermal expansion

Mechan­i­cal destruc­tion through ther­mal expan­sion

During the melt­ing process, metal expands more than ceram­ics and bursts the crucible.


We are a member of Ceramic Appli­ca­tions — the meet­ing place for engi­neers in design, mate­ri­als and produc­tion tech­nol­ogy.
TSR - Thermal Shock Resistance of ceramics in general

TSR — Ther­mal Shock Resis­tance of ceram­ics in general

The heat­ing and cool­ing curves gener­ally recom­mended in ceram­ics for dense compo­nents should be observed as far as possi­ble.

TiFoam (bone substi­tute mate­r­ial)

The aim of the TiFoam project is the devel­op­ment of open-cell tita­nium foam with a bio-analog struc­ture as a bone substi­tute mate­r­ial.

Direc­tional analy­sis

Down­load the direc­tional analyzes for our prod­ucts.

Qual­ity A1

Cast quartz with clay bond­ing

Qual­ity A3

Cast crucibles

Qual­ity AL95‑G

Cast aluminium oxide
> 95%

Qual­ity AL99‑G

Cast aluminium oxide
> 99,7% (dense)

Qual­ity KR-98-VG

Vibra­tion cast corun­dum
> 98% (porous)

Qual­itäy MG-95-VG

Vibra­tion cast magne­sium oxide
> 95% (porous)

Qual­ity Q100

Cast Quartz
> 99% (porous)

Qual­ity Q95F

Cast quartz with sili­con nitride > 95% (porous)

Qual­ity SP-30‑G

Vibra­tion cast spinel

Qual­ity ZR-95-VG

Cast zirco­nium oxide
< < 94% (porous)

Qual­ity ZR‑G

Cast zirco­nium oxide
< > 99,7% (dense)


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Slip cast­ing in the porce­lain and ceramic indus­try

Here you can see how you can produce crucibles or vessels with the help of slip cast­ing. This process is used, for exam­ple, in the porce­lain indus­try. Slip cast­ing is a special plas­ter mold cast­ing process for cast­ing ceramic prod­ucts.


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Gieß- Tech­nis­che- Sonderk­eramik

Fa. GTS manu­fac­tures indus­trial ceram­ics. The prod­ucts are used in the sectors of preci­sion cast­ing, jewelry cast­ing, labo­ra­tory, medical, solar and battery tech­nol­ogy. Crucibles, labo­ra­tory ceram­ics and engi­neer­ing ceram­ics are produced. A large selec­tion of ceramic compo­nents can be found at GTS produces in Germany.


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Produc­tion in a ceramic company

Our prod­ucts from the fields of preci­sion cast­ing, jewelry cast­ing, labo­ra­tory and medical tech­nol­ogy are versa­tile. Whether one-off produc­tion or series produc­tion, we will find a cost-effec­tive and opti­mal solu­tion. We see the basis for the inno­va­tion and qual­ity of our prod­ucts in our many years of research and devel­op­ment. With us, you will find a vari­ety of qual­ity. Quartz, magne­sia, alumina, zirco­nia, mullite, spinel and also glazed ceram­ics.

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