GTS Keramik
Made in Germany

Illu­mi­nants and the glass indus­try

Illu­mi­nants (lamps and bulbs) are becom­ing ever more effi­cient and energy-saving. Ceramic is used not only as an insu­la­tor but also as a carrier mate­r­ial. It is oxida­tion-free and heat-resis­tant. Ceramic compo­nents have to be precise and more effi­cient than other mate­ri­als. Not all glass is the same. Nowa­days, differ­ent types of glass have to meet differ­ent require­ments. They must be chem­i­cally resis­tant to many mate­ri­als, scratch and impact-resis­tant or imper­vi­ous to heat. Among other things, high-purity ceram­ics are required for manu­fac­tur­ing special types of glass. They must contain as few trace elements as possi­ble, other­wise these would be found in the glass. The purer the ceramic, the purer the glass. GTS is constantly devel­op­ing new formu­la­tions to meet the require­ments. One great advan­tage is its collab­o­ra­tion with research centres or directly with the indus­try. Every order is a gain in devel­op­ment.