GTS Keramik
Made in Germany

Preci­sion cast­ing

The lost-wax cast­ing process is a very old tech­nol­ogy that makes it possi­ble to produce compli­cated indi­vid­ual parts or even large series. Often, the cast­ings do not need to be reworked, thanks to their high preci­sion. The indus­try has devel­oped many cast­ing systems for very specific appli­ca­tions. Whether pres­sure, centrifu­gal, vacuum or contin­u­ous cast­ing, with or with­out inert gas purg­ing, crucibles are needed every­where. Due to the differ­ent melt­ing behav­iour of metals and their alloys, the melt­ing temper­a­ture level and the chem­i­cal reac­tion patterns, the vari­ety of crucibles increases dramat­i­cally. Crucibles are used up to a melt­ing temper­a­ture of 2400°C. Cast crucibles are required for the manu­fac­ture of turbocharg­ers, impellers, turbine blades and other preci­sion parts. The range of possi­ble appli­ca­tions is endless. GTS comple­ments this range with a vari­ety of auxil­iary objects, such as dosage plungers, cast­ing cores, nozzle inserts and cast­ing contain­ers.