Glazed quartz crucibles (A3 glazed)

KR-98‑G is a pure alumina grade which, thanks to its open pores of approx. 23%, is more resis­tant to temper­a­ture changes than a high-density grade. In the steel indus­try, it is used for melt­ing alloys or special steels. This ceramic is also utilised, for exam­ple, for safety crucibles. Thick-walled compo­nents which have high-strength prop­er­ties can be made from this mate­r­ial.


Glazed quartz crucibles have the advan­tage over labo­ra­tory porce­lain that they are signif­i­cantly less sensi­tive to temper­a­ture. The recom­mended heat­ing rate is approx. 2 °C/h for labo­ra­tory porce­lain and approx. 10 °C/h for glazed quartz crucibles. These can be used at temper­a­tures of up to 1200 °C, whereas porce­lain can only be used up to 1000 °C.

Directional Analysis

Cast quartz
Qual­ity A3