Magnesium oxide (MG-95-VG)

95% MgO

In many areas of labo­ra­tory supply, magne­sium oxide is consid­ered an ideal mate­r­ial due to its good corro­sion resis­tance and high appli­ca­tion temper­a­ture of over 2000°C. Unfor­tu­nately, this mate­r­ial displays rela­tively high ther­mal expan­sion and is there­fore only partially resis­tant to ther­mal shock.


Good ther­mal and chem­i­cal resis­tance to beryl­lium, bismuth, copper, nickel, plat­inum, tin, iron, sodium, pluto­nium and uranium.

Directional Analysis

Vibra­tion cast magne­sium oxide
95% (porous)
Qual­ity MG-95-VG