Crucibles conical shape - Zirconia - ZR-G - K

Crucibles coni­cal shape (K)

Zirco­nia (ZR‑G)

ZrO2 ca.- 8% Y2O3-stab

K 2019142422
K 30292138210
K 40372950220
K 50453463240
K 605842793100
K 706648943150
K 8078561103270
K 9085631214380
K 10093691354530


Øtop Outer diameter top in mm
Øbottom Outer diameter bottom in mm
Height Height in mm
Wall Wall thickness in mm
Vol Volume in ml


  • zirco­nia is a semi­con­duc­tor
  • high mechan­i­cal strength
  • excel­lent wear resis­tance
  • high frac­ture tough­ness
  • high temper­a­ture resis­tance up to over 2000 °C
  • low ther­mal conduc­tiv­ity
  • high corro­sion resis­tance
  • Good to very good chem­i­cal resis­tance to: aluminium, beryl­lium, iron, cobalt, nickel, plat­inum, rhodium, hydrochlo­ric acid (30%), bismuth, zirco­nium

Directional Analysis

Cast zirco­nium oxide
> 999.7% (dense)
Qual­ity ZR‑G