Crucibles Conical Shape - A3 - Glazed crucibles - A3 - K

Crucibles coni­cal shape (K)

Glazed quartz crucibles (A3 glazed)

K 2031172723
K 30332544215
K 40443462345
K 505541783120
K 606649944170
K 7078601134320
K 8090671304340
K 90102751464790
K 100113831644970


Øtop Outer diameter top in mm
Øbottom Outer diameter bottom in mm
Height Height in mm
Wall Wall thickness in mm
Vol Volume in ml


Glazed quartz crucibles have the advan­tage over labo­ra­tory porce­lain that they are signif­i­cantly less sensi­tive to temper­a­ture. The recom­mended heat­ing rate is approx. 2 °C/min for labo­ra­tory porce­lain and approx. 10 °C/min for glazed quartz crucibles. These can be used at temper­a­tures of up to 1200 °C, whereas porce­lain can only be used up to 1000 °C.

Directional Analysis

Cast quartz
Qual­ity A3